– Winners for Personal Finance challenge –

wiGroup Is a Saas software company specialized in mobile transactions. It as been selected for its mobile retail reward solution.

Serious Factory

– Winners for Personal Finance challenge –

Serious Factory is the editor of the VTS software that allows users to create behavioral simulators for training, without the need for technical or design skills.


– Winners for French Private Banking challenge –

Q°emotion is a digital platform that analyzes and monitors the emotions of the audiences with innovative semantic algorithms.


– Winners for Leasing Solution challenge –

Visiblee is a SaaS solution which identifies anonymous B2B website visitors and converts them into clients


– Winners for Cardif challenge –

Vizir.co is a sales & marketing chatbot software with advanced business analytics capabilities.


– Winners for Cardif challenge –

SPIXII creates superior automated customer experiences for banks and insurance companies, when selling and servicing their products.


– Winners for BDDF challenge –

Botmind accompanies companies in creating innovative solutions using artificial intelligence, mainly with a SaaS platform that manages chatbots.


– Winners for BDDF challenge –

Celestory is a solution allowing the creation of personalized learning apps without coding, based on audiovisual pieces of content



fast, massive, playful, reliable, innovative, augmented reality, gaming, new ways of working

Problem statement

As part of our employees’ skills continuous improvement process, we would like to develop new and playful ways of teaching and manage change towards digital knowledge.

We would also like to improve our commercial teams’ skills to sell our digital solutions, by making our clients discover our applications and digital solutions.

What are we looking for?

Our goal is to enable the “digital culture improvement” serve the business in order to allow appropriation, valorization and promotion of our digital solutions in a massive and innovative way (augmented reality, gaming, new ways of working…) by our commercial taskforce and clients.

We would like to propose our employees a “digital companion” to help them in the appropriation of our digital offer. We want this companion to become a reflex action, to answer practical questions and to enrich itself through the questions received. Moreover, this companion might become a reference in the retail banking.


chatbot, artificial intelligence, machine learning, customer satisfaction, customer loyalty, cost reduction, customer service, single answer

Problem statement

Our goal is to increase the efficiency of the processing of our clients’ complex requests by providing an answer:
• Fast, or even immediate if possible
• Reliable and standardized
• Appropriate to the requested subject

We would like to provide our bank advisors with an IA tool such as interactive chatbot to manage the clients waiting points in the context of the customer journey “dissatisfied client”.

This information basis will be enriched “on the go” through the different answers provided by our bank advisors. In a machine learning logic, we also want to refine the answers provided and to participate actively in a continuous improvement process of BNP Paribas employee’s skills.

In addition, this tool could be directly available to our clients (through internet or mobile), integrating in this case a personalization function that considers the client’s emotional state.

Is it therefore an important challenge in terms of income development and cost management (due to the processing volume of the customers’ dissatisfaction).
Clients don’t accept waiting long time for an answer. Moreover, with a large diversity of topics, our bank advisors cannot systematically know all of the answers. That’s why a tool supported with IA will represent a real asset for providing a single answer to our clients.


information, beneficial owner, empathy, tax, follow-up, succession, consideration, digital, interactive, loyalty, customer empowerment, transmision, chatbot

Problem statement

Living a succession is a moment full of emotions and hard to manage. From the death declaration to the funds settlement, the timeframe might be long, necessary documents difficult to gather, tax matters complicate to understand and the support insufficient. The challenge is very important as it impacts the BNP Paribas image and could enable a business increase if funds are reinvested. A support service proposal via ChatBot might therefore answer to first essential questions that beneficiaries are asking themselves but also answer to our insurance and bank common challenges.


B2B, customer experience, leasing solutions, leasing online, customer behavior, prospect behavior, expertise, digital

Problem statement

Online services are getting more and more digital in all industries. The growing use of smartphones, digital tablets and mobile web make it easier for customers to access everything, everywhere and at any time. This is why we implemented a Leasing online feature on our website in September 2016. It enables our professional customers who need a 24/7 service to make online simulations for personal and light commercial vehicles. Our customers can also subscribe to contracts without assistance up to €75,000 in a few clicks.

Whereas most professional customers are asking for more services, many of them didn’t follow through on the online simulation and didn’t subscribe. 3,000 pre-accepted customers made an online simulation but only 20 turned it into contracts. How to make these 3,000 prospects to subscribe online? How to increase the achievement rate of online leasing?


geofencing, buying options, advice, web to store/store to web, retail, datamining, personalisation, client authentication, digital ID, PSD2, aggregation, transfer payment, credit forms

Problem statement

How can we foster client engagement and simplify their identification and authentication paths at retailers’ point of sale (on and offline), in the context of the new European Directives (ex PSD2)? How can we retrieve their data automatedly to pre-feed a credit form in store or on line?



aggregation, apps, geofencing, payment services, food retailers

Problem statement

What could be the packaged offer to food retailers which would maximize the usage of BNP Paribas Personal Finance offer (installment, card, insurance) and boost the transaction frequency and amount in the stores



electronic document storage, paperless, security, digital bank

Problem statement

On the web, how to help the client to centralize and easily find all his administrative documents (bank or other) when needed (electronic archiving of documents, passwords…)?



bots / conversational agents, front office and back office tools, predictive and self-learning, document management, user interfaces, multi-channel middlewares

Problem statement

What tools and services can be implemented to facilitate the appropriation of the financing offer from retailers’ vendors (from training / information to follow-up on financing applications) ?


value perceived by client, sense of intimacy, trust, confidence, deliver tangible evidences, emotional moments, proximity, professional, high quality, tailor-made, human, fast, reliable, personalization, recognize me, know me, ATAWAD, expert, time to market, don’t waste time

Problem statement

In order to maintain the value perceived by our clients (Private, i-Private, ageing clients), we want to explore new ways of creating a sense of intimacy and proximity within a remote relationship between the bank and the client.
How to compensate the distance with the i-Private banker and other contacts within the Bank to avoid 1) the decrease of the value perceived by the client, 2) not to receive from the client the good information at the good time.
Remote (Autonomous?) clients expect many interactions with their private banker, their assistant and their experts.

The following key principles can be explored to create proximity and intimacy in a remote relationship in order to reassure the client regarding quality of service, expertise, efficiency and personalization:
– Integrate proximity & intimacy as soon as the account is open.
– Deliver tangible evidences within the value proposition content, to recreate trust and intimacy.
– Develop specific product and service offers, beyond the relationship strategy.
– Design internal organization and guidelines to maintain the Private Banking standards expected by a Private Banking customer.



  1. Place and Topic: choose one of the host countries and one proposed challenge.
  2. Team size: A maximum of 7 members are allowed per team.
  3. Simple and Valuable: Think a minimum viable product (MVP) which answers one of the challenges (or several as applicable). Don’t forget Sunday afternoon will be dedicated to pitch coaching session so make sure your solution is ready in 36 hours.
  4. Deliverable: Demo the app or the digital solution you hacked during the International Hackathon weekend.
  5. Intellectual Property Rights: All elements related to the International Hackathon remain the property of their respective authors… the startups!
  6. Participation Agreement: Each legal representative of each team must sign up and upload the Terms & Conditions prior to the International Hackathon Weekend.



Weekend winners will be selected by a panel of BNP Paribas top managers and external Fintech experts in each city.

Selection criteria: value created, relevance to the challenges, operational feasibility, technical execution, inventiveness and originality, team effort and spirit, financial viability…

Weekend winners will receive a cash stipend per team at end of the weekend as well as access to a 10-week co-working phase for project maturation.

During the co-working phase local BNP Paribas teams will select the best solutions that will be pitched at the Demo Day in Paris, in front of BNP Paribas Executive Committee.

Selected teams will have the opportunity to continue the implementation of their solutions and to start a new partnership with BNP Paribas.

Finalist from the Demo day will receive a cash prize and will have the opportunity to meet top executives from BNP Paribas.


BNP Paribas offers a large amount of anonymized data for the startups to shape a real-life solution!!!

Through our API Sandbox, we allow startups to easily create financial applications that access bank, customer, account and transaction resources.