– Winners for BPSS challenge –

Solution that provides a market sentiment indicator from social media, on all asset class

Good Atlas

– Winners for Wealth Management challenge –

Solution that uses advanced voice technology, natural language processing and artificial intelligence to provide real-time insights to Relationship Managers in their daily interactions with clients.



How can you help us better support our institutional clients with smart pre- and post trade analytics? We provide you with our domain expertise, and invite you to bring us the technological edge we are looking for!

big data, smart data, data aggregation, trading patterns, trade analytics, predictive, client driven solution, connecting the dots, bank of tommorrow

Problem statement

The institutional clients of BNP Paribas Securities Solutions (BPSS) operate in an increasingly complex trading environment: high market volatility, greater scrutiny on fees and an ever more challenging search for satisfying returns characterize current times. As a result, our clients are actively seeking solutions in terms of transparency around the market impact and opportunity costs of their trading decisions.

BPSS is an established player and has as such access to thousands of portfolios and positions, as well as to multiple sources of market information. What we aspire to offer to our clients is a holistic, smart solution that integrates BPSS’ expertise with the multitude of public data. Today’s technological developments in the FinTech scene strengthen our belief that we can develop with you an innovative solution that responds to our clients’ need for increased data integration.

Our model solution is a collaborative client-driven tool that leverages several smart technologies (big data, risk analytics, and visualization) and that ultimately serves two complementary objectives: (1) provide deep insights to clients on their investments through a trading cost and market impact analysis model and (2) provide trading pattern insights to both our BNPP experts and our clients through a predictive visualization tool. We invite you to partner up with us: we guide you with our domain knowledge and invite you to propose us elements of the envisaged tool, using at the very minimum one of the above mentioned smart technologies.


How can we create a remarkable experience for our high net worth clients, via a Virtual Assistant that takes care of their needs & aspirations while adhering to the compliance requirements?

AI chabot, machine learning, natural language processing, big data, voice, customer profiling, personalisation, cognitive messaging, compliance

Problem statement

BNP Paribas Wealth Management provides high net worth and affluent individuals around the world, a competitive range of personalized advice and investment services to protect and manage their wealth.

The goals and priorities of our clients are changing rapidly with everyday life events. Our challenge is to develop a Virtual Assistant that would deepen client relationships, by:
A. Engaging clients through relevant & personalized conversations, using natural language processing and voice.
B. Gathering deep insights on clients’ preferences and interests, through conversations, analytics and by tapping into the social media ecosystem, and using them intelligently while communicating.
C. Adopting changing regulatory and compliance requirements.
D. Constantly improving through machine learning.



  1. Place and Topic: choose one of the host countries and one proposed challenge.
  2. Team size: A maximum of 7 members are allowed per team.
  3. Simple and Valuable: Think a minimum viable product (MVP) which answers one of the challenges (or several as applicable). Don’t forget Sunday afternoon will be dedicated to pitch coaching session so make sure your solution is ready in 36 hours.
  4. Deliverable: Demo the app or the digital solution you hacked during the International Hackathon weekend.
  5. Intellectual Property Rights: All elements related to the International Hackathon remain the property of their respective authors… the startups!
  6. Participation Agreement: Each legal representative of each team must sign up and upload the Terms & Conditions prior to the International Hackathon Weekend.



Weekend winners will be selected by a panel of BNP Paribas top managers and external Fintech experts in each city.

Selection criteria: value created, relevance to the challenges, operational feasibility, technical execution, inventiveness and originality, team effort and spirit, financial viability…

Weekend winners will receive a cash stipend per team at end of the weekend as well as access to a 10-week co-working phase for project maturation.

During the co-working phase local BNP Paribas teams will select the best solutions that will be pitched at the Demo Day in Paris, in front of BNP Paribas Executive Committee.

Selected teams will have the opportunity to continue the implementation of their solutions and to start a new partnership with BNP Paribas.

Finalist from the Demo day will receive a cash prize and will have the opportunity to meet top executives from BNP Paribas.


BNP Paribas offers a large amount of anonymized data for the startups to shape a real-life solution!!!

Through our API Sandbox, we allow startups to easily create financial applications that access bank, customer, account and transaction resources.